Students Awards

Purpose: To appreciate the commendable undergraduate and graduate students presenting at AAAFM meetings.

Eligibility: The students must be members of AAAFM and submit papers in the materials convention, contrary to that the student’s application is deemed as ineligible. One nomination will go through per research group for each forum.

A total of $700 is allocated for travel and Ph.D. students (inclusive of technicians) within ten years of completion from full-time education.

Heeg Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Allen Heeger Postdoctoral Fellowship (Heeg Fellowship) is a 1-year postdoctoral fellowship granted every two years to Ph.D. candidates pursuing further analysis at functional materials. The chairs of Ph.D. nominate applicants according to materials Department in the US. The nominees cannot submit their applications before proper nomination from chairs.


The Heeg Fellowship provides 1-year of monetary support for a scientist with a doctoral degree in materials. Moreover, a scientist with a doctoral qualification within the year of the competition or the foregone year with a graduate qualification in the department of chemistry and wish to pursue a doctorate in materials have adequately qualified for the fellowship. There are no limitations regarding nationality or age.

Nomination Process

The competition entails application from a fifth of the US doctoral chemistry departments which are invited to take part beforehand. The applications announcements are issued late June of the competition year. Nominates can be from any part of the world provided they have substantial record of research and publication in the materials niche.

For running your own events

These offers are availed to members to help them run their scientific expeditions and meetings.

Inclusion and Diversity

Offers grants of approximately $2,000 for expeditions that propagate and promote inclusion and diversity in chemical departments and outline the theme of our strategy.

Scientific Meeting grant

Grants of up to 2,000 euros are availed to members in light of supporting their scientific meetings.

Research Fund

AAAFM offers a grant of up to $5000 on an application. The donation is directed to supporting upcoming and established scientists purchase chemicals for their projects.

The Research fund enhances research on topics of high societal and scientific impact. AAAFM research fund sheds light on otherwise dismissed projects.

Rules and Criteria


  1. Research Funds are issued by AAAFM authorized to issue one award annually with a maximum of $5000.
  2. The grant is expected to purchase equipment (computer software, glassware, etc.)
  3. The fund goes to the awardee’s research.
  4. No portion should be used for personal expenses.

Application and assessment

  1. Applicants must be members (associate membership) of AAAFM.
  2. Members are limited to one application.
  3. Applicants from developing countries and from less endowed institutions are given preference.
  4. Persons working as research students including Ph.D. are not eligible for application.
  5. Applicants must have a supervisor.
  6. Two referees should be provided:
  7. One of the referees should work in another institution and for applicants living oversees the referee should be preferably from the US.
  8. The referee should be a character reference able to point out the working style and strengths of the applicant. The other referee should be able to review the work research submitted as a proposal.
  9. Applicants should also provide details about:
  10. Nature of work and the results that are likely to come about.
  11. The location of the research.

III. The projected total cost of the research and the breakdown of the expenses.

  1. Alternative sources of financial support and their consistency should be provided if available.
  2. 1000 report words entailing the progress of the project should be provided alongside the statement of expenditure.
  3. The applicant is responsible for distribution of resources.


  1. All documents or papers recounting the research carried out are done with the help of AAAFM Research Fund grant and must recognize the same. One reprint should be submitted after or alongside the final report.
  2. A grant is not awarded to the same applicant for more than three consecutive competition years.
  3. Grants are payable to institutional bank accounts not to individuals.
  4. The Working Group has the right to change the amount of grant with respect to sums annually accruing to the Fund.
  5. The Working group can restructure the conditions and regulations if necessary and grant otherwise dismissible conditions it deems beneficial to the research.
  6. The Working Group’s resolutions are final and the candidates cannot be reconsidered after resubmitting their work in the same round.