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American Association for Advances in Functional Materials

With foundations rooted in innovation and research, the AAAFM is a globally recognized, functional materials membership society. We are a group of individuals working together for the advancement and benefit of humanity by furthering the focus on functional materials.

Being active in this area of study for many years, we have gained members with diverse backgrounds from around the world. Amongst our esteemed members, you will find seasoned professionals at the peak of their careers from fields like education, government and entrepreneurship as well as amateurs who are simply enthusiastic about functional materials.

The purpose of this gathering is to create a platform where people sharing a passion for materials can inspire and guide each other. Since we are a charity, we take measures to use materials in such a way that they can deliver their exceptional potential to benefit the society long-term.

Besides enabling enthusiasts to receive professional support from the AAAFM members, we also make a point of connecting with policymakers and the public quite frequently. The main purpose of doing so is to spread awareness about materials and make people understand the potential it holds for the benefit of all humankind.

The core aim of AAAFM Publishing’s effort is to transform into a global leader in scientific education and communication. By publishing articles, journals, magazines, online data silos, and e-books, we enable people from around the world to have access to scientific knowledge.

You can also become a part of this advancing movement and help us build the foundation of our discipline’s future. You can invest in materials today to see exceptional results tomorrow. By supporting AAAFM’s mission to scale up its activities, you will play a proactive role in assisting us to establish a better foundation for future generations.

By lending your hand in support, you will allow our efforts to:

Inspire the Next Generation of Materialists

  • Encourage underestimated young people who don’t get the due representation in our materials classrooms
  • Recruit materials teachers that encourage the student’s need to succeed and excel
  • Work to get more students interested in materials classes

Strengthen Businesses

  • Make materials research and technology more accessible to small and medium businesses
  • Provide assistance and aid to materials start-ups and entrepreneurs
  • Create a platform for recognition of material innovations around the globe

Create Awareness of Materials

  • Change the public view of materials through outreach programs in the US and abroad to demonstrate their importance
  • Be supportive of aspiring entrepreneurs striving to make a difference through innovation
  • Hold USAAAFM exhibitions and events that make physics accessible for everyone

Foster Innovation

  • Helping researchers in their early careers by supporting their way to grow and expand their networks
  • Hold conferences, groups, and other collaborations
  • Take steps to break gender discrimination and make materials accessible for everyone

Make a Difference in the Community

How will you help AAAFM to change the world?

We can’t shape the future of the materials sciences alone. We are most effective when we work together with our community and the wider world, and everyone can play a part.

  • Create long-term solutions so the community can have better services and facilities by joining
  • Develop and initiate the use of a professional and inclusive accreditation process
  • Solidify our bases and foundations by encouraging fresh talent to join our networks, conference or symposia

You Can Make a Difference Too

You can help us make a real difference in the materials community by Making a Contribution to our cause. With your help, we can improve the impact materials has on our communities, homes, and educational institutions. Make a contribution

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If you already know the area of materials that interests you, you can get in touch with us to ask more questions about what your contributions can do.

Become a part of the bigger movement that is trying to make a beneficial impact on everyone’s lives and in communities. Invest in materials and support AAAFM’s cause to create a better tomorrow.