Advertising Terms-and Conditions

The following advertising terms and conditions govern the delivery and placement of advertisements as defined in the insertion order submitted by the advertiser. The insertion orders and the advertiser terms and conditions are collectively referred to as the Advertiser Agreement. This agreement is between our company and the advertising company named in the insertion order and the agency representing the advertiser if any. Upon placing an order, the advertiser agrees to be bound in full by these terms.

Publication of Advertisements

The advertiser will solely create and deliver the advertising material required for an advert as per the technical specifications provided by our company. If the delivered advert does not meet our technical specifications or is not delivered in time as per the insertion order, then we might reject it and refund any advance payments. Another option might be the postponement of the Ad campaign until the technical specifications are met.


All the services, websites, and publications are provided on an “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS” basis, with no warranty of any type. In case a malfunction or error in the distribution or display of an Ad occurs, our sole obligation is to redisplay or reprint the Ad as soon as possible. We disclaim any warranties of all types whether implied or expressed, including but not limited to the implied warranty arising from the course of performance or dealing. However, all the conditions, representations, and warranties of any kind which are implied by common law or statute are expressly excluded.


In the event that there is an agency listed alongside the advertiser in the insertion order, both the agency and the advertiser will be jointly responsible for any liabilities. If the required amount is not cleared to the agency on time, the agency should make efforts to ensure that they collect that amount from the advertiser. Upon request, the agency is supposed to provide a written document indicating their relationship with the advertiser. This confirmation should include an acknowledgment from the advertiser that the agency works for them and is authorized to act on their behalf. It should also confirm the advertiser terms and conditions.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall our company be liable for the loss of profits, corruption of data, consequential loss, damages, or expenses which arises due to this advertiser agreement. In no way shall we be liable to the agency or advertiser for any liability amount greater that which is documented in the insertion order.


The advertiser and agencies listed in the insertion order agree to indemnify, defend, and hold our company and its affiliates as harmless in case of any liability claims. Such claims might arise from acts of omission, breach of advertiser agreement, the wrong subject matter in the adverts, and the violation of the applicable laws.


All adverts are accepted as long as they will be paid for at the rates documented in the rate-card during the date of publication. Our company might change these rates at any time but the modified rates will always be published immediately. Any rate changes will be effective immediately but will not be applicable to the orders which were made prior to such changes.


The period for canceling an advertisement will vary depending on the publication. The advertiser or agency should always refer to the rate card to learn more about the cancellation policy. Provided that the advertiser presents a written notice to our company within the relevant cancellation period, they are free to cancel an advert.


  • Any individual who is not a party to these advertiser terms and conditions has no right to enforce or rely upon them
  • If our company delays or fails to exercise the remedies provided by these terms, it should not be assumed that such rights or remedies have been waivered.
  • These advertising terms and conditions comprise the entire agreement between the advertiser and our company in regards to the advertisements. Any modifications shall not be effective unless they are written down and signed by both parties.