Privacy Policy

AAAFM Privacy Policy

The AAAFM Websites are retained through the American Association for Advances in Functional Materials (AAAFM), 9330 LBJ Freeway, Suite 934B, Dallas, Texas 75243, USA. AAAFM is fully committed to safeguarding the privacy rights of all its users. We aspire to offer a secure and safe user experience.

Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy presents the collection of online data, including usage practices and policies that are related to the AAAFM website as well as the assortment of websites in connection with AAAFM (also collectively referred to as “AAAFM and AAAFM Websites”), which hereby currently consist of AAAFM-materials (online version, AAAFM Robotics,AAAFM-Catalysis,AAAFM-Translational Medicine,AAAFM-Energy, AAAFM News,AAAFM-plants,AAAFM events and AAAFM Careers. It also consists of the member services and order forms accessible through those websites. AAAFM website consist of hyperlinks to other webpages which we hold no control over. We are not liable for the practice sort privacy policies of such other websites that you are directed to through the AAAFM website.

The privacy policy assimilate information which is compulsory as necessitated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), denoting,

  • The collection of personal data
  • How this personal data will be managed, including legalities for such processing
  • With whom we share the personal data personal data and its retention
  • What protections are in place for protection of your personal data
  • The external transference of your personal data exclusive to EEA
  • Your rights in reaction to your personal data
  • Where you shall direct complains and further questions regarding complaints

Policy Details

What is referred to as the Personal Data?

Personal Data (also called, in this policy, personal information) refers to any information in regard to an identifiable natural person, who can thereof be identified by a reference to another identifier with a name or identification numeral, location, online identifier, or other identification factors which are related to specifically physical, genetic, economic, physiological, mental, cultural or another social identity pertaining to that person

Personal Information That We Collect

There are four basic types of information categories that are provided to us whenever a user visits the AAAFM website:

Contact Intel that you can knowingly disclose or choose to keep private; upon joining your billing information or when you make a purchase or subscribe; other information about you such as demographic data; and technical information which is accumulated by us through your interaction with the website.

Contact Information

In some section of AAAFM website, the users are requested to provide any personal information i.e. name, address, telephone number, an email address or other contact information.

Purchaser Information

In some section of AAAFM website, the users are requested to provide your billing information, credit card number for purchasing and contact information.

Demographic Information

In some section of AAAFM website, we accumulate or may accumulate demographic data, comprising of your career focus, age, discipline, educational degree, interests, household income, gender, ethnic background and other preferences. Other times, we may accumulate a compound of all or some information kinds. Sections on the AAAFM website, where we accumulate or may accumulate data or personal information or a combination of personal and demographic data are mostly sections where users are prompted to sign up to post a resume, use a service, purchase any product or enter any contest.

Technical Information

We also collect or may collect specific information pertaining to your usage of our website, such as the sections you visit and all the services that you have access to. Furthermore, we may gather data about your computer software or hardware. This data can comprise of with or without any limitation, your browser type, IP address, access time, domain names and the relevant website addresses. This data is gathered through the application of Cookies, which are described clearly below.

Use of Personal Information

AAAFM may utilize information that is collected with the objective of providing access to content requested by you, for the sole purpose of improving and operating the AAAFM platform, thus fostering a productive user experience, and conveying products and services suitable for you.

We may also utilize the information collected to send postal mail, emails or any other such communications in regards to the positive updates consisting of newsletters, latest opportunities, job alerts, and other additional listings that may be of use to you. Additionally we may utilize the collected data to send information about products and services regarding third party that march your preferences and choices, in event of you choosing this service. The frequency and nature of these communications will widely vary subject to the information the platform already has on you. Moreover, when registering for such services, e.g. Job Alerts of Science Careers or partial free access to the AAAFM family of websites, you can choose to select the receipt of additional promotions, information’s and newsletters regarding topics that may be of interest to you.

In the future, if a need may arise for us to process and use data other than of the purpose for which it was collected, succinct information will be provided about the relevant purpose.

For EU-based subscriptions and members, the following representations enlist relevant information which is required by the GDPR in relation to our use of your personal information.

Personal Information Legalities Regarding Personal Information
All the contact information including name, address, telephone number and email address. Consent for provision of the requested content by you, required for performance of the contract.
The purchaser information, such as credit card and contact information as well as billing information. Essential to provide you with the requested content.
Demographic information, such as career focus, age, educational degree, gender, preferences, ethnic background, household income bracket and interests. A legitimate purpose for provision of tailored content.
Technical information such as IP address, access time, domain names, browser type as well as the relevant website addresses. Legitimate objective of optimization of performance of website and authentication of subscribers.

Retention of Personal Information

The information that we collect about our visitors and members is retained and stored indefinitely to necessitate the fulfillment of our contract to you. Certain anonymized data is indefinitely retained of visitors and users for the objective of performance of website analytics and provision of optimal usage to all our visitors in a practical, relevant and efficient way. If there is ab absence of legal requirement or basis for retaining your data and there is an absence of activity from your end for 26 months, your data is no longer useful and will be deleted and expunged.

Sharing Personal Data

Your personal data is not shared with third-party services and sources except in instances which are explained and listed below.

Personal Information Objective Of Sharing
Technical Information With the AAAFM partners in business for legitimate objectives of processing usage patterns, useful for AAAFM websites and their partners.
Technical Information With technical service providers and other web hosting services for the surmountable objective of enhancing information security and hosting of web servers of our networks.
Contact Information With vendors and other consultants for a legitimate objective of delivering marketing assistance and customer support
Credit Card Information With credit card vendors and processors for the objective of credit card processing of transactions related to the subscribers user contract with AAAFM website.
Contact Information With the AAAFM business partners, for the objective of provision of customized products and services tailored specifically to your needs, preferences and interest.
  • Moreover, the personal data is disclosed if legally obligated to, or of requested by a government or legal entity, or if in good faith, we believe that the disclosing of data is necessary for (a) conforming to legal obligations or compliance with the legal process; (b) protection of property and rights of AAAFM; (c) prevention of a crime or safeguarding national security; or (d) protection of the safety of public or users.
  • In an instance of one, some or all of AAAFM websites becoming party in a bankruptcy proceeding, AAAFM or its trustees may either voluntarily or involuntarily, sell dispose of or license transactional information as approved through the bankruptcy court in conformity with the legal requirements.
  • In the instance of the acquisition of AAAFM or Science business by a third party or another entity in manner of consolidation, merger or a purchase, the information will be transferred to the third party or the purchaser.
  • Aggregated anonymous data may also be shared by the AAAFM about visitations to the AAAFM websites to the partners, third party and clients so they have a better understanding of the types of visitors of the Science and AAAFM websites and the manner of usage of these sites.

Transference of Personal Data beyond the EEA

Personal data collected through this website may be stored, processed or otherwise transferred to any destination beyond the European Economic Area (EEA), consisting of destinations which do not uphold the data privacy provisions and laws with the equivalence of that of the EEA countries where you provide your data. We deliver your data to US with your permission or another destination to fulfill the provision of services you request. All necessary steps will be undertaken to ensure safe processing of your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Your Rights under the GDPR With Regard To Your Personal Data

The EU-based members and visitors, under the jurisdiction of the GDPR, have the rights to request the access from us to all the personal data that we collect, to rectify or amend this data, to restrict processing by us to your personal data, to delete the data, and to receive a structured, machine readable and commonly applied copy of data in a data portable format. If you want to invoke a legal right under the GDPR, contact us, with the subject line of “GDPR Query”. The email should give a detailed description of the GDPR right which you are invoking for assistance. You will be contacted and we reserve the right to charge fee for certain services. You will be notifies by AAAFM in case of your request being accepted or denied, or in case of exceptions.

If proper consent is provided for processing your data, you are liable (in specific situations) to withhold that consent anytime, due to which the lawfulness of the processing will remain unaffected preceding the withdrawal of our consent.

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you consider our compliance to the GDPR principle regarding your personal data insufficient.

Information You Post

Any submission of personal information on the AAAFM Website or the public domains or social areas related to it i.e. chat rooms or online forums, the information divulged shall be available to the other users of these services which can then may be collected or utilized or handled by those over which AAAFM have no control. AAAFM is not liable for the utilization of any information posted by you or third party information made available in the public domain of the AAAFM Website. Any removal of information on the public AAAFM website, does not guarantee the removal of copies being made prior to the removal and may remain viewable in a cache form or the archived pages of the Science websites or AAAFM websites, if there remain copies of that post.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Choices

There are specific sections of the AAAFM website or the registration forms where we collect information divulged by you, providing you with opt-in/opt-out option in regards to any promotional activity and communicating with you.


E-mail to Members:

AAAFMFM members can choose first- or third-party informational e-mails, or skip all electronic communications, with exception to transactional emails, i.e. association election information and subsequent subscription renewal. The member-only website, or at through AAAFMFM MemberCentral Support provides the option to the members for provision of specific data privacy instructions.

E-mail to Subscribers: Paid subscribers to AAAFMFM publications, which include Science, Science Translational Medicine, Science Signaling,Science Robotics and Science Immunology, may also choose first or third-party informational e-mails or choose the option to hinder all e-mail communications except the renewal of subscription at through the AAAFMFM MemberCentral Support.

Informing Users of Free Services/Products via E-Mail:

Consumers of free online services and products made available by AAAFM, as permitted by law, consisting of partial free access to the content of all the Science Journals, e-mail alerting services, newsletters from the Science Careers, access to News regarding Science, or those who require online free services of other kinds as made available by AAAFM can contact AAAFM through emails for access to them. Members who are classified under the GDPR regulations and CASL and those who utilize free online solutions may choose to receive emails from Science and AAAFM. Members can also choose informational third party emails.

  • If users don’t wish to receive emails or benefit from alerting services, whereas permissible by law, may opt out of any such services by unsubscribing via instructions at the end of each email message sent by the AAAFM.
  • Users who want to opt out of receiving emails from the AAAFM can follow un-subscription instructions at the end of email messages sent by AAAFM.
  • The registration of the Science Careers can modify their communication actions by accessing job board at the and logging into the account and accessing the settings icon to change the account preferences.

The above-mentioned are some of the instances where opt-in/opt-out choices describe available options on the Science and AAAFM Websites.


A cookie or more commonly referred to as a text file is placed by a web service provider on your hard drive. Cookies are used to deliver accurate and prom results and to contribute to a better personalized user experience. We also utilize cookies for analytical objectives, load balancing and for tracking clickstreams. We employ AdWords Remarketing, a behavioral and marketing targeting tool delivered by Google. Furthermore, we use Adobe Analytics and Google with the combination of DoubleClick Cookies to display ads relevant to the user’s preceding visit to the website.

A Google-provided function called the reCAPTCHA, is in some ways as form submissions, is used to discern humans from robots with the primary objective to prevent abuse and spam in all its forms.

Web Beacons

Our web pages may consist of electronic images referred to sometimes single pixel GIFs or more commonly referred as web beacons, which permit us to calculate the number of users who visit the pages and hereby for the deliverance of co-branded services. AAAFM website DONOT in any case store or access the personal information of their users through the web beacons. They are used as tools for the compilation of aggregated statistical data, informing us about our website’s use. Web beacons only gather a limit amount of information. Consisting of cookie number, the description of the web page that the web beacon is on, and the time/date on which the page is viewed.


We may have a section in our website that allows users to submit feedback. Any feedback which is submitted by you shall become our property, giving us the authority to contact you for further details in our mutual interest.

How We Safeguard Your Information

Our sole objective is to safeguard your privacy and relevant data, however, the security of the transmitted data cannot be ensured or warranted in all its entirety. We cannot warrant that your information listed on the AAAFM website will not be disclosed, changed, accessed or destroyed as result of a security breach regarding any of the industry-set technical, physical and managerial protection procedures. The provision of administrative, physical and technical controls reasonably secures the integrity, confidentiality and provision of personal data. In instances of further queries you may contact us through the AAAFM website at

Payment Processing

We use third-party payment process for enablement of purchase of specific services or products from the Science and AAAFM websites, for instance, when you buy back issues of Science through our authenticated provider. In such instances, you will be redirected to a third-party service provider’s platform, managed by that service in order to buy the issue. Any data or information provided to third-party service providers is subjected not to our privacy policy but theirs. We are not liable or have control over the privacy practice and policies of that service provider. The utilization of third party services to acquire products and services managed by the AAAFM website shall be done at your sole discretion.

Credit transactions in all their entirety take place in a safeguarded section of our website for protection of your information and against any loss, misplacement or disuse of data. However, we are not liable for the third party service providers and their adherence to similar set pf privacy rules or measures. If you submit an order request on any of the AAAFM platforms online, information regarding your credit card is safeguarded through data encryption through the Transport Layer Security.


Science Careers gives you an option to submit your CV or Resume to our database. There are two ways of accomplishing that:

You have the choice to post your resume in a public or private setting on our website. Public resumes can be accessed and searched for through our extensive searchable database for resumes. If your resume is searchable, then our searchable resume database will provide access to all parties with access to our database. We endeavor to place certain limitations on our searchable datable (or their copies) and limit them to hiring managers, paying employers, recruiters, human resource personnel, headhunters and security agencies and law enforcement, but cannot warrant the hindrance of access to the database by other parties. We are not liable for third parties for accessing and using your resumes while they remain in our database. You can exercise your right to remove your resume at any given time from the searchable database. However, recruiters, employers and personnel with paid access or a means to get a copy of the resume, in addition to parties who have in other ways obtained access to the database may reserve a copy of your resumes in their own personal databases or files. We are not liable for the use, retention or maintenance of privacy for resumes in such situations.

Please note: we are not in the habit of restricting access to the resume database to any or some specific customer(s).

Furthermore, we advise you to be coherent of the fact that your current employer or any affiliate to your current employer may be a customer of the website. We are not liable for any results or actions that may arise as an outcome to any use of your resume or customer’s access.

We retain the right of removal of any resumes from our database that we deem illegal or as may be the case, offensive.

Additional Terms and Conditions Regarding Social Networking

Social networking services, such as the Science Careers Community Platform, on the AAAFMFM Website may have added privacy policies, code of conducts and additional privacy settings that you will have to agree with when registering for such services.

Updating Your Information

It is essential for us to be in possession of correct contact information so that you may not miss any correspondence from us or go through unexplained delivery problem regarding publications and products.

Members and users a registered AAAFM ID ca modify the personal information or simply update their account information by visiting the AAAFM’s Member-Only website,, at any time. Other users or registrants may also update their personal data by sending an email at any time to

Where to Address Your Questions or Complaints

For any concerns or feedback regarding the processing of your data, contact:

American Association for Advances in Functional Materials Data Protection Office

9330 LBJ Freeway, Suite 934B

Dallas, Texas 75243, USA


Changes to Privacy Statement

If any modification are mad to the Privacy Statement regarding the AAAFM website, notification will be posted so that you will stay up to date with what information we are gathering, and how we plan to use that information and to whom we plan to disclose it to.

We welcome feedback and comments regarding the Privacy Statement and members who believe that we are not conforming to the statement can contact us through email at We will employ commercially prompt and relevant efforts to minimize the cause of complain and to remedy the situation. We thank you for using the AAAFM Website and its services.

Legal Requests

AAAFMFM reserves every sharing right for your personal information to formulate prompt responses for authorized information requests by government authorities or as when required by the law.


if you reside permanently in California, then under the California Civil Code Section 1798.83 (also known as S.B. 27), the business relation that you maintain with the AAAFM is solely for family, household or personal objectives, and you may be offered the service to request specific data in regards to our disclosure of your personal information, if any, to third parties for their marketing objectives. To submit such a request, get in touch with through email with the subject line “Request for California Privacy Information”. This request can only be sent once a year. If your request is accepted and deemed applicable, you will be, by email, provided a set of categories of personal information which were disclosed to the third party for marketing purposes. Please note, S.B. 27’s requirements do not cover the sharing if all personal information.

Acceptance of These Terms

Your utilization of the AAAFM platform shall debate your acceptance and complete understanding of the conditions set by the Privacy statement. If you do not accept and agree with the terms, you should refrain from using the services and products herein produced by AAAFM.