Advisory Board

International Community of Scientists and Materials Professionals

American Association for Advances in Functional Materials (AAAFM), led and supported by high profile advisory board members comprised of experienced materials scientists.

The principal role of the advisory board has been, and is, to drive the overall intellectual direction of AAAFM by advising senior leadership team of AAAFM on strategic areas in relation to ensure scientific excellence, high quality learning and teaching, research, business engagement and furthering the aim and objectives of the association.
The members of the AAAFM Advisory members are listed below:

Board Members

Shuji Nakamura

Recipient of The Nobel Prize in Physics, 2014
Tel: (1)-805-893-5552
Email :

Alan J. Heeger

Recipient of Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 2000
Tel: (1)-805-893-3184
Email :

Xiangfeng Duan

Howard Reiss Career Development Chair
Tel: (1)-310-267-4947
Email :

Weiss, Paul S

Tel: (1)-310-825-0317
Email :

Yu Huang

Tel: +(1)-310-794-9589
Email :

Yury Gogotsi

Tel: +(1)-215-895-6446
Email :

Dae Joon Kang

Sungkyunkwan University | SKKU · Department of Physics
Tel: +82-31-290-5906
Email :

Prof. Qihua XIONG

Tel: (65)-6513 8495
E-mail :

Prof. LOH Kian Ping

Tel: (65)-6516-4402
Email :

Prof. yang yang

Tel: (310) 825-4052
Email :


Tel: (217) 244-4979
Email :

Director, Strategic Planning and Finance

Prof. Wazirzada Aslam Farooq

Prof. Wazirzada Aslam Farooq

Director for Research