Short Courses

Workshops, Seminars, and Short Courses

The RCP develops workshops, conferences, short courses and other platforms devoted to science and technology. The ongoing short courses serve to engage the scientific community and the agencies whose role it is to make policy. Our coursework is broad and covers topics of interest to both national and international audiences. We pursue themes that are relevant to the science and technology community.

Recent short course has involved spotlighting important collaborations, sharing lessons learned during projects, compelling research in areas of STEM, important concerns relative to STEM, global issues, and more. In the future, we envision more short courses along these lines, but are always creating course content that meets current needs or addresses current and important topics that are relative to our national and international audiences.

Our workshops and seminars emphasize the importance of STEM topics as well as changes that occur within STEM fields. Our short courses allow us to promote subject matter that’s important to the projects we support and the stakeholders involved in them. The educational arm of the RCP is vital for raising awareness about the many projects and platforms we support.