Research Proposal Evaluations

Society is increasingly embracing research findings each day. The impact of research on every facet of life cannot be ignored either. Therefore, the need to use resources in science efficiently with competent and trustworthy evaluations has never been more crucial. At the American Association for Advanced Functional Materials, we ensure that our partners get to evaluate organizations such as research centers independently. Additionally, partners will get to evaluate research programs and policies.

To further ensure that our partners achieve success in future, we help them get their hands on indicators of development and progress. With these tools, you can careful evade repeating a mistake that a person may have made before. Isn’t it great to learn from other people’s mistakes?

Our Methodologies

  • Expert Panel Evaluations

Expert panel evaluation is especially necessary when making summative value decisions concerning the worth and quality of research centers. At this stage the expert panel gets to evaluate whether there is independent data collection and report writing among researchers.

  • Surveys

This can be an efficient way of collecting information from a large group of people concerning evaluation of research. Then the qualitative and quantitative data collected is carefully evaluated to answer key research evaluation questions.

  • Stakeholder Consultations

Never before have we seen an emphasis imposed on trying to understand the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of stakeholders for any organization. Long gone are the days when stakeholder feedback was considered interesting but not of any strategic importance.

  • Interviews

Interviews are also becoming one way of conducting a fruitful evaluation. Here you can get some of the most crucial data that push an industry forward.

  • Focus Groups

They are intended to gather information by observing and listening. Focus groups help you understand better how people feel about an issue, service, or experience.

  • Counterfactual Impact Assessments

Counterfactual analysis allows evaluators to assign cause and effect when it comes to interventions and outcomes. A group is subjected to an intervention and while another does not. The impact between the two groups is then evaluated.

Types of Evaluation Services

Here are some types of evaluation services.

Institutional Evaluation

Institution evaluation involves evaluating the governance, management structures, objectives, processes, and strategy used by an organization.

Evaluation of Programs

This one focuses on examining various programs in terms of programmatic aspects, structure and their scientific significance.

Impact Assessment

Now we get to a point when we need to evaluate the impact of research. This type focuses on the impact of the projects, policies, and programs.

Ex-ante, Formative and Ex-post Evaluations

This one involves assessing policies, programs, or projects after, during, and before being implemented.

Evaluation Cycle

At the core of this cycle is stakeholder participation. We cannot ignore the significance of stakeholders in the progress of research.

First, there need to be planning. In this stage, we have to define the results and evaluation frameworks. It is at this point that we will have to consider the materials we’ll need in the evaluation as well as how we are going to go about the evaluation.

We then need to monitor how the stakeholder views over time. We will also record the data and record the observations at this stage.

Finally, evaluation is conducted. At this stage, we get to reflect on the findings and report them to the stakeholders. These findings are then used to set the vision of the organization and the cycle continues.

Criteria for Reviewers for Evaluation

The Quality of the Proposed Research

A reviewer should assess whether the research that is being proposed is innovative. And then establish whether it can have any significant impact on the field.

How Will the Research Reinforce the Available Systems?

The extent to which the proposed program will enhance education and the infrastructure of facility needs to be evaluated. Will the research have any significant impact on the organization?

Cost and Management Plan of the Research

What are the expected cost of the research and what is the potential hindrance to the execution of the research?

Is the Program in Line with the Goals of the Funding Agency?

How will the program contribute to the goals of the Nation Science, Technology and Innovation Plan? You need to evaluate the individual technology program in order to establish if the research meets the criteria chosen.


At the heart of every evaluation is the goal to improve the research. Ensure you recommend on ways the research can be improved in order to align with stakeholder views and improve their chances of getting funded.