Programs of Evaluation

International Community of Scientists and Materials Professionals

The Research Competitiveness Program (RCP) provides support for foundations, colleges and universities, agencies and organizations, states, and nations. The RCP provides assistance with management, strategic planning, program assessments, and by providing evaluation frameworks with an eye toward improving activities and programs. The RCP’s panel assessments offer concrete recommendations that are actionable and tailored to the precise needs of the program or project in question.

Our panels of experts come from some of the world’s most respected research centers. They take time to visit the institutions we work in order to meet face to face with stakeholders and collect data while on the ground, so to speak. We develop our evidence-based analyses to demonstrate the impact of science and technology in these projects, to identify areas for future opportunity, and to make specific recommendations about improving the project or program. Our reports provide stakeholders with everything they need to evaluate their program and find ways to make improvements. Reports include items like interviews, site visits, surveys, and more. Our careful examinations typically reveal places where further investment is needed and how some strategic changes can lead to improved program outcomes.

Evaluating programs involves in-depth review. That’s why we rely on a team of highly competent experts who are experienced managing all aspects of the evaluation process. We’ll answer the questions or address the concerns of stakeholders during our review process. Rest assured, our processes are comprehensive and measured in every respect to ensure thoroughness and accuracy.

The Review Process

The RPC has an arm to manage external peer reviews. We routinely review proposals from organizations, agencies, entrepreneurs, states, etc…requesting our direct investment for research and development of their plans. Most commonly, topics are related to innovation, commercialization, and science and technology research. We feature a peer review team of individuals who have backgrounds working at the National Institutes of Health as well as the National Science Foundation. The fact is, we boast an active network of professionals and consummate experts in fields that include engineering, science, science policy, business management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

In cases where our current network does not have the required expertise to review a proposal, we have a platform in place for recruiting the appropriate experts for the project. In addition, the RCP offers support for clients during the external review process in order to make sure we’re meeting all of their needs. Recruiting experts to be involved in our peer review process is one of the cornerstones of our routine operations. It’s vital for us to rely on the most learned, suitable experts to take part of our projects.

Support for Innovation

The RCP is dedicated to supporting the relationships between science and entrepreneurship. We have developed and provide ongoing advice / support for multiple innovative programs. By helping to organize national and international entrepreneurial projects, we are able to promote ideas that embody the ties between innovation and entrepreneurship.

In order to find these innovative ideas, we’re developing platforms and using existing platforms like social media channels to tap into viable communities that share our enthusiasm for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. We encourage all current stakeholders and interested parties to follow us on social media to learn about the projects we’re supporting. We share information about the initiatives we’re involved with as way to keep everyone updated and to promote what these exciting projects are accomplishing in the world of STEM.

Innovation is vital to STEM fields. From new technological applications to rigorous academic pursuits, we offer support for innovation. By pairing these topics with entrepreneurial pursuits, we’re able to highlight the ongoing relationship between business and STEM fields. With out support, many new and exciting projects get the essential help they need to develop and, ultimately, launch.

Workshops, Seminars, and Short Courses

The RCP develops workshops, conferences, short courses and other platforms devoted to science and technology. The ongoing short courses serve to engage the scientific community and the agencies whose role it is to make policy. Our coursework is broad and covers topics of interest to both national and international audiences. We pursue themes that are relevant to the science and technology community.

Recent short course has involved spotlighting important collaborations, sharing lessons learned during projects, compelling research in areas of STEM, important concerns relative to STEM, global issues, and more. In the future, we envision more short courses along these lines, but are always creating course content that meets current needs or addresses current and important topics that are relative to our national and international audiences.

Our workshops and seminars emphasize the importance of STEM topics as well as changes that occur within STEM fields. Our short courses allow us to promote subject matter that’s important to the projects we support and the stakeholders involved in them. The educational arm of the RCP is vital for raising awareness about the many projects and platforms we support.