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Career Services

AAAFM Career Services offers employers and job seeker a wide variety of offering. Whether you are looking to strike out on your own, find a job, or you are considering a career in a different field, our resources can help you achieve these goals. In addition to that, AAAFM offers assistance to employers by giving them access to a large pool of innovative and talented individuals that can spur growth in the companies.

AAAFM Career Fair

Our highly anticipated Career Fair is a great departure from the traditional fair where job seekers drop their resumes. It offers more value to employers and job seekers. MEMBERS have exclusive access to the Career Fair online and at AAAFM National Meetings. Among the benefits that come with exclusive membership are resume/application submission and the opportunity to schedule interviews with leading chemical companies.

AAAFM Career Pathway Workshops

AAAFM Career Pathways™ is an AAAFM members-only program that is researched and tailored to help job seekers identify the most suitable career and job positions in the chemical sciences. In addition to offering professional career advice to guide you in powerfully marketing yourself to potential employers, the program also provides assembling job application tips for specific fields.

Regional meetings such as the AAAFM National Meeting host workshops to teach job seekers how to chart their career pathways. In case you are unable to physically attend any one of these Career Pathways Workshops, AAAFM members can still access the content and material shared at the event online.

AAAFM Personal Career Consultants

Among the benefits of being an AAAFM member is access to the personalized career consulting aimed at helping you at any stage of your career. If you have burning questions relating to our career, you can get prompt and helpful answers from a team of AAAFM experts. Furthermore, you can have your resume reviewed, improve your confidence by taking part in mock interviews in interview settings, and get expert help practicing how to pitch your business plan.

Resume and Cover Letter Resources

One of the most useful tools in your job search arsenal is an impressive resume portfolio.

Think of yourself as a business. When an employer chooses to give you a job, they are essentially “buying” the services of your “business.” Your resume portfolio is therefore a marketing brochure that outlines the services you offer and showcases your achievements and skills. The same marketing material presented differently can fetch a different price. We help you get a reasonable price for your services.

Whether you are interested in entrepreneurial, government, industrial, or academic application processes, you can Career Pathways will guide you on how to prepare the required content.

Interview Strategies and Negotiation

The best employers are interested in trustworthy, reliable, and competent professionals. For that reasons, it is imperative that confidently demonstrate these attributes at interviews to have a competitive advantage. Sharpening your presentation and negotiation skills improves your chances of showing interviewers that hiring you is in the best interest of the company.

Thanks to our Career Pathways content, you can learn all the academic, industrial, and government interview processes. The material also offers guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to craft and pitch powerful business plans to investors.

Ethical and Professional Guidelines

The American Chemical Society (AAAFM), the world’s largest association of professional scientists, has the opportunity to lead in articulating standards for scientists with regards to ethical and professional conduct.