Innovating Science Award

The Innovating Science Award is an annual event that is given to individuals or groups that represent academia and have demonstrated a dedication to grassroots attempts to support young women to study in the STEM fields. The award is granted to individuals or corporate groups who have actively contributed to the promotion of young women in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematical sciences, and social sciences.

  • These contributions include teaching courses, development of applications and career materials, running organizations and social media campaigns to support this inclusive initiative. Grassroots initiatives can be a day job or an additional project.
  • Candidates will have demonstrated the ability to go beyond the norm, deciding to instead focus on the promotion of STEM subjects to young women.
  • Note that these grassroots efforts can be a day-to-day job or a side project. These side projects can be achieved alongside a full-time and will be taken into consideration.

Innovating Science Award Nominations

Candidates will have to fill in an application form that will describe their initiatives with additional evidence of success in generating interest among young women. They will also need to obtain supporting statements from an independent nominator.

This nominator can be the candidate’s principal investigator or a third party from the candidate’s research institute or organization. It is required that this independent nominator isn’t personally involved in the day-to-day activities of the organization. This is an unbiased and impartial candidate that can vouch for the organization.

Award Prizes

  • Ten long-listed candidates for each reward will be profiled and given access to a closed mentoring network.
  • Five short-listed candidates for each reward will receive a short video prepared for them for media presentations.
  • The winners from both categories will receive a grant of $5000 to spend towards their research or for further expansion of their organization. Candidates will also be granted an invitation to an award ceremony and be able to give a conference at the AAAFM Award ceremony.