Award FAQs

1: I need more information — who can I contact?
You can contact the organization directly at for further information.
2: Who is eligible to be nominated for the Inspiring Science Award?
Any female identifying researcher or academic who is within ten years of completing their Ph.D. can be nominated. This excludes individuals in maternity leave — meaning that potential candidates do not have to be engaged with their research for a continuous ten years. Female identifying academics who aren’t yet tenured in a position are also eligible. Nominations should be made via a university professional. Trans woman, gender queer women, and non-binary individuals are also eligible.
3: Who can nominate me for the award, and who can apply for the Innovating Science Award?
You need to be nominated by one person who is affiliated with your research institute — in this case, a university or company. Principal investigators, the head of a department, or a colleague can nominate you. Applications from individuals or groups that work to encourage women to study the STEM fields can apply.
4: Can I nominate myself?
You can nominate yourself for the Innovating Science Award, but others will have to choose you for the Inspiring Science Award.
5: I have obtained a Ph.D. in a particular subject — am I eligible for the Inspiring Science Award?
Individuals who have obtained their Ph.D. within the past ten years from the year the award will be granted are eligible to be nominated. This means that anyone who has obtained a Ph.D. after December 31, 2008, is eligible. This window of eligibility is extended in case of maternity leave or other leaves of absence.
6: How will you ensure all regions and subjects are represented?
We work extensively to ensure that the judging panel and the long list for the Innovating Science Award have represented all STEM subjects, also guaranteeing that the long list represents all regions.
7: How will you ensure that applications are appropriately compared to other prospective candidates?
The award is given globally — applications from developing and emerging nations are encouraged to apply. The location will be taken into account during the judging process to ensure transparency and fairness.