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March, 10, 2021


Notification of Acceptance

March, 15, 2021

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Applied Composite Materials


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Conference Notices

  • AAAFM-Awards winner Announced
  • Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart will give plenary talk at AAAFM-UCLA, 2021 at UCLA.
  • Conference proceeding will be published in special issue of Applied Composite Materials  published by Springer having impact factor 2.199.
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: March 10, 2021
  • Notification of Acceptance: MArch 15, 2021
  • Pre-Registration Due: March 25, 2021
  • Conference held at UCLA:  August 18-20, 2021
  • Full Paper Submission Due: September 15,2021
  • AAAFM pleased to announce AAAFM-Stoddart 2021 Award
  • AAAFM Awards nomination will  open soon.

RSS Science News

  • Global flash droughts expected to increase in a warming climate May 26, 2023
    Researchers have published new findings on how our warming climate will affect the frequency of flash droughts and the risk to croplands globally.
  • Protein-based nano-'computer' evolves in ability to influence cell behavior May 26, 2023
    The first protein-based nano-computing agent that functions as a circuit has been created. The milestone puts them one step closer to developing next-generation cell-based therapies to treat diseases like diabetes and cancer.
  • Plants remove cancer causing toxins from air May 26, 2023
    A ground-breaking study has revealed that plants can efficiently remove toxic gasoline fumes, including cancer causing compounds such as benzene, from indoor air.
  • Hydrogen battery: Storing hydrogen in coal may help power clean energy economy May 26, 2023
    The quest to develop hydrogen as a clean energy source that could curb our dependence on fossil fuels may lead to an unexpected place -- coal. Scientists have found that coal may represent a potential way to store hydrogen gas, much like batteries store energy for future use, addressing a major hurdle in developing a […]
  • Unexpected wins in both humans and monkeys increase risk taking May 26, 2023
    Researchers have developed 'Dynamic Prospect Theory,' which integrates the most popular model in behavioral economics -- prospect theory and a well-established model from neuroscience -- reinforcement learning theory. In doing so, they created a dynamic model that successfully explains decision-to-decision changes in the gambling behavior of humans and monkeys. In particular, they found that after […]
  • Research offers clues for potential widespread HIV cure in people May 25, 2023
    New animal research is helping explain why at least five people have become HIV-free after receiving a stem cell transplant, and may bring scientists closer to developing what they hope will be a widespread cure for the virus that causes AIDS. A new study describes how two nonhuman primates were cured of the monkey form […]
  • Arctic ground squirrels changing hibernation patterns May 25, 2023
    New research analyzes more than 25 years of climate and biological data. The findings include shorter hibernation periods in arctic ground squirrels, as well as differences between male and female hibernation periods.
  • River erosion can shape fish evolution May 25, 2023
    A new study of the freshwater greenfin darter fish suggests river erosion can be a driver of biodiversity in tectonically inactive regions.
  • How sweet it is: The fruit fly gut influences reproduction by 'tasting' fructose May 25, 2023
    A research group has found that in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster), circulating fructose derived from dietary sugar is needed for enhanced egg production after mating. In this species, circulating fructose is required for an increase in germline stem cells, which divide into reproductive cells. This increase leads to enhanced post-mating egg production. These findings may […]
  • Researchers successfully induce primate oocytes in the lab May 25, 2023
    The many types of cells in the human body are produced through the process of differentiation, in which stem cells are converted to more specialized types. Currently, it is challenging for researchers to control the differentiation of stem cells in the lab (in vitro). Of particular interest are oocytes, which are female germ cells that […]

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University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)



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American Association for Advances in Functional Materials (AAAFM)