AAAFM Conference 2015

Abstract Book can be download from here.

The first international Advances in Functional Materials (AFM) Conference, was held at Stony Brook University, the U.S.A, from June 29 through July 3, brought together 400 scientists, engineers, educators and students from 30 countries. Among them, the two plenary speakers were Alan J. Heeger, recipient of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery and development of conductive polymers, and Robert Howard Grubbs, recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in the field of olefin metathesis. Fifteen keynote speakers presented their latest research in the field of functional materials.



The objective of the conference was to give a strong research motivation to young and early career scientists; to understand past, current and future functional materials research; to share their findings, exchange cutting-edge ideas and applications; and to find global partners for collaboration in the field of functional materials.



Selected work was published in the special issue of Elsevier Journal; Materials Today: Proceedings. The special issue contained several key topics in functional materials: multifunctional composite materials; thin films; polymers and ceramics; energy storage and conversion devices; biosensors and biomaterials; catalysis; and low-dimensional, nano and 2D materials.



Stony Brook’s reach extends from its 1,039-acre campus on Long Island’s North Shore–encompassing the main academic areas, an 8,300-seat stadium and sports complex and Stony Brook Medicine–to Stony Brook Manhattan, a Research and Development Park, four business incubators including one at Calverton, New York, and the Stony Brook Southampton campus on Long Island’s East End.



The conference organization, AAAFM acknowledges the support provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), CBET Div Of Chem, Bioeng, Env, & Transp Sys, Grant No. 1546648, and express their sincere thanks to Stony Brook University, all the plenary and keynote speakers, session chairs, invited scientists from various institutions and the contributing authors for the success of this conference.